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Sunday, October 11, 2009

MIA blogger is back!

Hello people...

I can't believe that i've been away from my blog for two weeks now! What happened to me? Nothing actually. I was just busy and lazy. I can blame it on my pregnancy blues. I'm online almost everyday but i just don't feel like blogging. But, with renewed enthusiasm, i'm now back for good. Yippee.. So, what's been keeping me busy? Of course my MUET speaking thing. Outstation and overtime so my mind just can't think of anything to write. My kids are keeping me busy too. And of course, my pregnancy. I feel bloated these days and extremely tired and lazy. And just when i started writing this my baby suddenly cries and demands my attention. By the way Ezra is now 11 months and started walking already! Will try to record his moment soon. For now, i think i just share with you the activities during the recent raya break. These pics were taken when we visited our good friend Audrey. As you can see in the pics, she even baked a vanila cake for my hubby belated birthday. The cake was huge and really sweet. Thank you Audrey. Really appreciate your generosity and kindness.

The kids were having fun at the playground.

Well, those are my hubby and Ezra.
Lisa was waiting to blow and cut her birthday cake. That biryani rice was cooked by me for my hubby on his birthday. Haha...
Ok..gotta go. Ezra is waiting for me. Will visit your blogs as soon as i have time. cheers...


  1. happy belated birthday to liza~!
    take care.. hahaha..

  2. hi betty,

    wish ur hubby happy belated birthday. do come & read my blogs when u r free k...
    hugs & kisses for ur kiddos too!! ;)

  3. audrey is one of the nicest friend one can have. how sweet of her...

  4. hey tiee n escape... hehehehe... now i'm blushing... that's what friends do anyway... we make life a better place for others! ;-) knowing you guys is a blessin too! welcome back to the bloggers' world tiee! ;-)

  5. Hi Tiee, nice pics. Happy birthday to your hubby.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. Betty's Hubby said:
    Thank you Audrey, what a surprise indeed!

  7. sweet of Audrey..ohh..u know her..she's an angel..:)

    Happy belated to ur hubby and Lisa too.
    Take care and get enough sleep,k!

  8. *still blushing*... it was nothing lah... ;-)