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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Pacifier?

This was told by my hubby. The conversation was between him and my eldest boy Raul.

Raul: Daddy, what's that noise you were making at night?

Daddy: What kind of noise?

Raul: (He made 'snoring sounds').

Daddy: Owh...sorry Raul.

Raul: Maybe you need something to stop the 'snoring'.

Daddy? What is it Raul?

Raul: I think you need a big pacifier.

Haha....I tried as best as i could to retell this dialogue. But we were surprised with his suggestion and it's quite funny too. So I asked him who told him about that 'pacifier' thing. He told us 'Mickey' said it. Owh... So we should be thankful to Mickey mouse..hehe...


  1. hahaa....tiee, u better start looking for the
    "big" pacifier for u-know-who... hahaa...

  2. I'll start looking for adult pacifiers.