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Monday, October 26, 2009

7-year journey

Today is our 7th year anniversary. yay...time flies very fast. Our achievement? haha...3 kids and one more coming. What i can say here is that, our love grows each day, each year with each kid. Well, of course there are ups and downs. Specially now, we are apart on our big day. It's not that we don't want to celebrate it. We've planned it ahead. Few months ago. But our tight budget does not allow us to do so. First, he had to come home for Ezra's baptism last weekend. Then he'll have to come back again for Ezra's birthday this coming 7th November. So, the expenses would be triple if he would have come back this weekend. It's not cheap to travel from Lahad Datu to Papar everytime you know. One way flight is around RM131 - RM213. Bus ticket is RM50 but you'll suffer that 6-7 hours drive! It's almost like a day wasted in the journey. So, we are apart today for the sake of our baby.

So, no celebration today. Just an exchange of SMS and phone call. Maybe a late celebration later. :-) Miss hubby very much.

Btw, as i mentioned in my other post, Ezra is now walking on his two feet.


  1. Betty, first of all, Happy Anniversary. You are indeed blessed with all this love and your beautiful kids.

    Cute betul ni si Ezra sini. Lari-lari sudah. He's a very early walker. Not even 1 and he's already running! Must have learnt it from his older siblings.

    Nanti birthday si Ezra kasi banyak-banyak gambar ah. XXX

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy... how adorable! so advanced lah your boy.

    happy aniversary! ;-) i can deliver a 2 in 1 cake if your want.. hehe.. just tell me when. u prefer carrot? choc? cheese? hahaha...

    ;-) dont worry, be happy!

  3. Happy Wedding Anniversary! May God bless this sacred union and keep it.

  4. Hi Betty, Happy Anniversary! It's so unfair that traveling from KL to Sabah is sometimes even cheaper than traveling within Sabah. All good things are worth waiting for, and your marriage certainly counts as a good thing. May your love grow with each year and health and happiness bless your family.

  5. congratulations on your anniversary :)

    may there be many many many many more wonderful and sweet anniversaries to come and you two make a lovely couple !!


  6. happy anniversary. you dun really need $$$ to celebrate. just reading your post shows how much in love you both are. so maybe a special prayer in the heart for each other....that says more than $$$

  7. Hi Tiee, congratulation, well done.
    Another one arriving by Air Stork? Ha ha. Outstanding.
    Best wishes, Lee.

  8. guys are great. Thanks for all the wishes. Can't believe that after all these years we are still in love with each other. Audrey, i'll notify u soon.

  9. yes, chin up, girl.. there'll be more and more anniversaries to celebrate...and maybe...more and more kids??? happy anniversary!