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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy weeks...'s been a busy week. Tonnes of paper work in school to do every day. I wonder how it can be so difficult nowadays. We have school sports day coming up next week. So students are busy doing their training and of course the teachers are divided between being coaches and educators who have to train the non-exam students and the form 5 and upper 6 students who will sit for their public examinations! Phew! That's sure a hell of a month.

I'm lucky that my baby boy Ezra has just recovered from his measles. Fortunate enough that he's just been vaccined few months ago for this. So the measles was not so bad. He's up and about now. He'll be one year this saturday the 7th. So excited. But i'm a bit worried about his lack of appetite. He doesn't like to eat. I tried to give him porridge, he vomited. Tried to give him biscuits, he could only consumed one each day. Feed him with cereal every day. He only wants it in the morning. *sigh*. Luckily he still wants to drink milk. But he does not drink a lot. Just enough to satisfy his hunger. And, (I don't know if this is a blessing or what) he sleeps through the night without asking for milk until the next morning. I'm not too worried though because my eldest son was like this when he was two years and below. He did not like to eat. He relied heavily on milk. Now, we can force him to eat. But he prefers to eat rice once a day and eat bread most of the time. While my girl likes to eat noodles and rice with soup and not very fond of bread. So preparing meals for them is not an easy task. They just demand for different types of food.

Well, as long as they are healthy I should not be complaining right? Anyway, I've so many pics to download here but such little time to do it. Still busy. I'll do it when i'm really free.


  1. When my kids got sick when they were young, i also worried a lot.. esp when they have fever.. wow..whole night practically dint sleep well, had to get up to sponge and monitor their temperature.. now as i m older, i think i cannot tahan these type of life already.. pengsan.. now is the time they should look after me.. hahaha..
    yes, as long as our kids are healthy, we shouldnt be complaining a lot!

  2. At least Ezra is healthy. Praise the Lord

  3. your sports day is so soon? prep for next year?
    you tried feeding them protein? my aunt loved to give my cousin fish fingers when he was young. i think kids love them

  4. reanaclaire: haha...when i'm your age i'd be thinking and feeling the same too.

    Anon: yes, i thank the Lord each day for His blessings.

    escape2: sports day end of the year so no need to worry for next year. Only selected ones will train and be trained early next year.

  5. That sounds all right actually. He just doesn't want to let go of the 'comfort' of the bottle. Boy looks perfectly fine and that's the most important. Hey supermama, you can't be a short order cook for all of them ok. Buat sendiri sibuk je. Just cook, make them eat. Last time Ryan pun "I don't want this, I don't want that" but after some time he learnt that he has to eat everything, inc vege.

  6. Betty, hope Ezra is better now. Jan lah ko worry tu budak-budak tia mau makan tu. Nanti kalau lapar padai lah tu cari makan. And Ashley is right. Nia pun gitu juga dulu, itu lah tia mau, ini lah tia mau. Tapi kalau kebulur, semua pun dia telan...hahahah
    As long as they are active, that means they're ok. XX

  7. sports day?suda ujung tahun bah nih.pelik nya.
    anyway,hopefully Ezra dah ok.Tak lama lagi ni mau cuti daddy is coming home la..hoorey!