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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He's a year old now.

It's been a while since i last wrote in this blog. Well, what can i say, Ezra is too clingy now. People say it's normal for him to be clingy because he's expecting a baby brother or sister. Oh well, i'll have to put up with that then. He'll follow me wherever i go and when i raise my voice at him, he'll make face and cry out loud. He can even pretend to cry now. Oh dear, another actor in the making. So, before he starts crying again, i just upload some pics of his previous one year bash (which was not very grand as we invited only close relatives and friends) Can't afford a big party. :-)

I cooked almost all the dishes with my mum's and sister-in-law's help. But, as usual, I was too busy to snap all the food. What a tiring affair it was. But I'm glad that Ezra is now on his journey to toddlerhood. Can't wait for his first few words. yay...
* I thought this was the last first year party for our kids, now, it seems there's another coming up! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday to Baby Ezra!!
    and congratulations to the mummy too...
    yes, heard that myth many times.. the younger one tends to be manja when his mum is expecting...

  2. Great lady helped make a great party! Congrats Tiee! By the way, I loved the booze!

  3. Happy birthday Ezra! When I did Ryan's party my mom was laughing about it, saying that she finally didn't have to do it anymore and now it's my turn. Really tiring kan? But both ours not as big as Fely's, remember the mountain of food she cooked?!

  4. happy belated b'day to ezra... i salute you supermum... with three children and one on the way... you can still managed to cook all that food. yummy.

  5. Happy birthday Ezra..
    Tiee,I really like ur children a lot although I never meet them(yet). I love Raul's smile, and Lisa looks like mr hubby and Ezra is a mix of mummy and daddy.You have a great family. Next time, I am planning to visit my sis in sipitang and maybe I'll visit u too. and by that time, I'll be meeting baby no 4!! Nak ambil berkat ni!

  6. thanks everyone.

    Doria: yea, pls call me if u r in sipitang.

  7. heya.. sorry i missed ezra's 1st.. had a class in kk n didnt get back in time... it looked soo good.. hehe.. love the name! ;-)

    as for money, we are all in the dumps when it comes to bills n credit cards n loans.. hahaha... but that's life eh.. but i agree with u, that most of the time it doesnt cost that much to keep the kiddos happy.. and u dont hv to buy everything, thank goodness for places like mc donald's n toys r u.. but i also have to say you have well behaved children who arent spoilt n demanding. ;-) congrats to both n hope the final baby's 1st birthday party u hv to throw isnt the last! hahahah