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Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple pleasures...

Holidays mean, less time to blog and sit around at home. With hubby around, the whole family is on the go most of the time. Yes, even my baby Ezra, who, at this moment, is sleeping soundly, for being too tired of travelling and playing. Yesterday was pay day. Well, we are being paid for a month's work. But we are paying for almost everything too. Credit cards, loans, bills etc...etc...etc...

In the end, we are left with a few hundreds to spare. We are trying very hard now to settle our money problems so we can enjoy more with the wages we earn. It's tough, but we are only humans. We made mistakes and now we are trying to amend them.

As the years go by, our shopping lists have also reduced greatly! *sigh*

We may not be rich, but we can still enjoy simple pleasures with our 'very little' money to spend. These pictures were taken over the years.

The crocodile farm, Sandakan. Raul was around 2 years old.

The Sabah Museum. Not much to spend, just took a few shots outside of the building. Raul was 3 years old, Lisa was two.

At the Lokawi Zoo, this year.
Raul is 4 while Lisa, 2 years old. The entrance fee is quite expensive but at least the kids were happy.

Raul posed with a toy bike. We don't have to buy it. He's happy just to be able to sit on it. :-) The trishaw pic was taken in 2007. Outside of a restaurant in The Garden- Midvalley Megamall. Not sure what's the name of the restaurant. No shopping or eating in, just window shopping and taking some pics.

Bak Kut teh meal in Gaya Street Kota Kinabalu. Worth our money (Just around RM23 for two persons.)

Having a blast in the Upper reaches of the Kimanis river. Price : FOC. Just have to drive for at least half an hour to reach this place.

Owh...And this was yesterday. A simple treat for the kids. A visit to Toys'R'Us store in 1Borneo, KK. No need to buy them. Just let them play with them for half an hour. Hehe...Can't afford lah...So, all three kids had fun without Us having to spend a single cent. Yippee..!

BTW, this was Ezra first adventure playing with the swing and slide.

Then we bought a donut each for Raul and Lisa from the Big Apple Donut shop.


  1. well, these photos are already worth a thousand. you are living a 'rich' life with your loved ones. nothing to be feel poor of

  2. being together with your love one and loving kids are the best gift .. no need for big material things to be happy..
    take care.. God bless...

  3. I love your pics...your life looks so much happier than the many who have money. Your treasures around you are just so much more precious. Take care!

  4. Papar has many nice spots for a picnic: Beringis Beach, Pantai Manis Beach, Andus Beach, Ulu Kimanis River (Kinolosodon and Wolit), Upper Papar River (Mandalipau and Lingan), Crocker Range National Park,Tanaki Forest Park.

  5. what's the use of being rich but not happy,rite? I hv only one child but I try not to spoilt him.I want him to know that money is not everything in this world.
    I am just like u,tiee. as long as they are happy, that's more than enough. You and farouq are good parents.
    Have fun!

  6. thanks everyone for the support.

  7. It's challenging to think of fun things to do with kids without spending any money at all, but there're lots that we can do by just spending a little, like going out and having a picnic in the park. That's an adventure! When we were kids all of us made do with very little but never felt any worse for it. Ryan's in danger of being spoilt especially when eating out is concerned cos hubby and I enjoy going to nice restaurants but I'm consciously making sure that most of the time he eats home cooked food. Other than that his toys and holidays are rather average. You're doing a GREAT job betty! The kids will look back at these beautiful pictures and know their parents love them and do their best every single day.

  8. the playing place are always colorful

    A smile from SJ =)