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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another year, another milestone, another chapter

This year's resolution? I have to admit that I'm not as enthusiastic as before. This year I just hope to settle all my problems and live a simple but happy life with my hubby and kids. I'm so tired of hoping. But I guess, that's the only thing that keeps me strong. To hope and hope....and have faith. I'm uncertain because hubby still waits for his transfer letter which the officer in Putrajaya said 'is in the process of letting him go but still have to wait for a replacement'. All those rubbish! I don't understand why is it difficult for them to let him transfer? We learned that two other English teachers in hubby's school have already gotten their green light to transfer without any replacement! This is soooooo frustrating.

On another note, we are glad that Raul's first day in his kindergarten went really well. He didn't cry like we expected and he is looking forward to go again tomorrow! Like any excited parents, we asked him so many questions and he shared with us so many stories of the day's happenings in school. We are so proud of our boy.


  1. hey..his uniform is so smart looking.. !! haha..very cute..

  2. He looks all grown up and so confident! I've also resolved not to make anymore resolutions. No point right ;P

  3. gosh...i hope the not so happy starting mood for the nyear has dispersed and disappeared into thin air.
    let us hope for a good year ok...still hoping

  4. Sometimes its seems like the parents are more enthusiastic about school than their children.