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Saturday, January 9, 2010

God bless Malaysia.

I'm close to tears when reading the news on several attacks on churches in KL and PJ. It is a very sad day for Malaysia. Specially now that our govt. is busy campaigning for the 1Malaysia concept. What is happening in this country? I cannot predict anymore. Now I'm really worried and I fear for the safety of all Malaysians specially the non-muslims in this country. Are we moving towards terrorism? I really don't understand why these politicians are making so much fuss on the issue of the word 'Allah'. In Sabah, the word is used even before I was born. The Bibles are imported from Indonesia as there were no publications by our local people here. So all these whiles, before certain people decided to touch on the issue, there were no problems of christians using the word. So why now? After years of independence! It seems that even the government cannot do anything to stop the violence and protest. 'Powerless'. That's the word. Have we voted for a powerless government?

Oh dear, let us all pray for the safety of our people. Let us hope for a better Malaysia. I hope the government will do something to handle this issue effectively.


  1. this is one of the things making me sick and unhappy.

  2. The only hope is in prayers. And of course avoid complacency and apathy, two of the greatest diseases in Malaysian society!

  3. Our country is like a time bomb.. just waiting to explode... This is a good clue who to vote on the G.E...