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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Back!

Oh dear..It's been a while since I last updated my blog. Blame it on my laziness. My trimester pregnancy exhaustion. Too many things happened lately that I was just too tired to write about them. Since Raul started his kindergarten year, I have to make sure he sleeps early every night. To make that happen, Lisa and Ezra will be put to sleep at the same time. So, after saying a prayer, they would want a bedtime story which is not my expertise but I have to crack my head to think of one every night. Ezra will never sleep without his mummy or anyone beside him cos he likes to stroke or massage someone's hand until he falls asleep. So, I have to sacrifice my time to be with him on the bed, let my hand be massaged (which is really nice actually)and by the time he falls asleep, I am sleepy too. So if I manage to get up after that I would have mental block and only have time to play crazy online game in facebook a while.

I couldn't possibly blog in the morning cos i'm working, and i'll be too exhausted and sweaty by afternoon. Then, I'll have to watch my kids play outside. So, that's life for me at the moment. Now, I'm getting ready for the next baby to come to the world. I'm 34 weeks pregnant already. Anytime soon. So scared actually. Hope everything will be fine.

Another project at the moment: building a house. Yes, finally. We are another step in achieving our dream. I know it's a bit late than most people but who cares. As long as we are finally doing something about it is great. I'll update on this next time, when i have the time to blog again. Need to rest now. I hope it's not too late to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chap Goh Mei!


  1. hi Tiee, thanks for re-submerging..hahha.. good to see u back again! hope u will relax yourself and try to rest more.. take care...

  2. Betty!!!
    Hope all is ok with the pregnancy. Bah, biasalah bah tu penat jaga anak. Kami ni dua seja anak pun kapus-kapus juga menjaga, apa lagi kau tu yang mau masuk keempat sudah.
    Look after yourself kio. It's the most exciting stage of the pregnancy now. I'm so envious of you. Say hello to Farouq from me and love to the kids!


  3. yay.. 4 kids n a house to be! all the more reason to cheer! ;-) it might have taken some time but at least you're living the dream. ;-) hugs!

  4. your 'excuse' for not blogging is acceptable. ;P
    can't wait to hear more about your new house. well, if you can curi time for your online game, why not to blog too? game is more addictive i am sure

  5. Betty's Hubby said:
    All this is making me even less motivated in school. Knowing that our house is being built while I'm almost 300 miles away, knowing that Betty has to mind three kids while she is heavily pregnant herself and also to overlook the building of our house. So, I have turned into the kind of teacher I don't really like, the oblivious teacher! Can't bother to worry about students who don't wish to learn when there are many other things already on my mind.

  6. oh dear...thanks for the support everyone. Things are looking great at the moment. Can't wait for the arrival of our next baby actually. And the house.
    Escape: game is so addictive. I don't have to think. Just click2. haha..

    Thanks mr. hubby. We will always be waiting for your return every weekend. Hopefully you'll get the transfer soon.

  7. hey betty's husband,
    just continue with your kind of attitude i.e. oblivious to everything that happens in your school, then that is a ticket to get kicked out of school. that is what you want right? just continue with that ;P