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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Oh dear. It's been a while since I last visited my own blog. What more other blogs. How time flies. So, what's new? Well, after a very exhausting nine months, I've finally met my baby girl. No words can describe how happy I am that it's over and to welcome a new addition to the family is priceless. Though we'd never planned for the fourth baby to arrive so soon, nevertheless, we're just glad to have her. Now I'm very contented with my two boys and girls. So, this is Isabel. We were quite surprised when we first laid eyes on her that she looks exactly like Lisa.

I might not be blessed with money but for sure God has given us plenty to be thankful for; love, kids and enough money to survive. :-)

Apart from that, our home is in progress. The workers started their work on March and most probably it will be completed in a month or two. Well, of course we couldn't hope for a bungalow, but a small cottage house is more than enough for our growing family.

This is Raul and Lisa posing with the house-to-be.

Not forgetting Ezra who is always excited whenever we go to the site.

Discussing the house plan?


Those are the real construction workers.

Well, those are not the latest pics of the house but I am too lazy to upload more pics at the moment. Will update on this soon. I'm still 'enjoying' my confinement haha...C U Soon!


  1. ohhhh....Betty!!
    She is an angel!
    You are so lucky, now you have a complete 'set',I would say..Cant wait for my turn..bila lah agaknya kan??
    anyway, congratulation to you and mr hubby!! Hoorah!!

  2. congrats, betty!!! jealous sama kamu!! sudah ada 2 pairs..cute!!
    u just hv a gud rest k...hugsss...

  3. finally!! i was wondering when you are going to post something here. this woman has the time to go to fb for all her games but has no time for her blog....
    time to change the photo of the blog too. dun leave isabel out. can't wait to read more from you.

  4. Congrats Betty! Im so happy for you. Have a speedy recovery and hope everything goes well for you. :)

  5. she's perfect !!! and so is your family :

    Reaally really happy for you betty :)

  6. Yes, I agree with escape2, she has time for games on FB,and not only that, she plays games with my account too! Hope to see you more on your blog Betty.

  7. Oh dear...thanks for the wishes.
    Doria: Have faith. Hope for the best.

    escape2: LOL!! so true. games in fb no need to think lah...i think since my last pregnancy i have mental block, don't have the inspiration. I'm going to do my best from now on. Cheers. The photo? Soon. Thanks for reminding. :-)