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Monday, January 10, 2011

Home is where the heart is....

Wowwww!!! I've been away for almost a year now. That's a record. Well, not to say that i'll be blogging every single day from now on, but I think i'll stop by and update every time i have some free time. So what's been going on with my life the past year that i have been away from this blog? Too many to recapture and retell in this blog for sure. Let's just say, after the birth of Isabel, i was kept busy with work, part-time money thingy, kids, families and specially my home sweet home. My dwelling place. Which until now is not yet 100% completed!!!... So, here it is. My heaven. The place i can call my own.

Clockwise from Top left is the entrance door to our home. Just a simple one. Then our living room. Next is the bay window with a seat cum cabinet. Another shot of that living room. After that our kitchen. And kitchen.

Down Clockwise: simple kitchen cabinet. Another shot of that dining table. Next is our kitchen doors. One leading to the laundry area and the double glass door (supposed to be like that French window) is taking us to our back porch. Last is our kitchen door from outside.

And now introducing our home in its full view. Minus the fences around the porch and steps.

The rooms: There are five including one study room and a guest room.
Down clockwise: Masterbedroom, study room, the corridor to the kids' room, boys' room, girls' room and i forgot to snap the guest room. HAIYAAA!!!


  1. Oh dear....My blog is finally updated!!

  2. I love your house layout - especially the lounge! :) Im sure with your personal touch soon your home will turn out real cozy and nice for all your kids. All the best yea.

  3. welcome back!!!
    i love your house!! especially the colours. it looks so warm and cosy. i dun think i wanna go out after entering hahaha

  4. thanks everyone. I'll update again soon when the curtains and the fences are done. It's great to be back!!