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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am so FRUSTRATED with Sabah Electricity Sabah Berhad (SESB) and POS Malaysia for being so slowwwwww in giving their services to us...Their customers!!! My house is still DARK after so many months waiting for the SESB people to do their jobs!! After countless phone calls and meetings with the staffs, until NOW we still haven't received any good news.

POS Malaysia is doing a very lousy job of delivering my parcels. The worst is the latest one which has been stranded in Kota Kinabalu since 5th January 2011 untill today! Can you believe it? It takes a week or more for the parcel to arrive from KK to Papar when in actual reality, one can drive down to Papar from KK in just 40 mins! CRAZY! I've been calling and calling but they still haven't done anything yet. PATHETIC!


  1. Betty, cuba ko pigi office bah. My late grandfather used to do that. Sama lah begini, tunggu punya tunggu tidak pandai sampai. pigi office baru diorang bertindak. Anyway, good luck kio! Must be really nice to move into your lovely new house!

  2. Ya ba fely. balik2 suda kami p office. tu pengurus sesb lagi masi budak. baru posting. brapa kali suda tanya. nanti next week mo p jumpa lagi klu teda juga development. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Yay! You have finally pimp your blog! he he.. very very cute bah! :)
    Let's pray that all your parcels now and in future sampai on time ya! :)

  4. e-mail the head office lah. go to their website. it is counted as hitam putih also. save phone bill

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  6. thanks. My parcel finally arrived yesterday 13th Jan from KK (since 5th Jan) which is just 40mins drive to my place!!! So far owh...

    escape2: will give them one more chance next week. After that, going to blow that office!!