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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello February

February is here. My birthday, my mum's birthday and my eldest son Raul too! Too busy to even think of what to share here. Let me share the good news. We have finally moved in to the new house for about a week now. YES!!! Power supply is now installed. Curtains are done! Packing and unpacking things are tedious, tiring and boring tasks but we have done most of it. It's really great to have our own space now. Bigger and comfortable. Oh not forgetting our very own dog (courtesy of my best buddy Audrey Wiles and family) which my son named BINGO after listening to the song with the same title. Bad news: I don't have time to upload any pics yet and one of the shower's hose was dismantled. Plus other minor plumbing problems!! Lousy work done by the contractor. *SIGH*

Now i have a new task to handle. Will be going to other school to help coach a teacher there on ways to improve the performance of his/her students and more paper work. I must plan my time and work carefully now. Wish me luck!!


  1. you really have so many things in your hand. salute! remember to take deep breaths

  2. congrats on the new move. Biasalah rumah baru banyak hiccups but just be patient. It is YOUR HOME - that's something to be looking forward to for years to come. I've settled down in mine for past 7 months and every month there's always something leaking, needs repairing etc.. If we were to look back at how long and hard the whole waiting game were - the minor setbacks are now incomparable. Make sure everyone is happy in the house so you always look forward to come home. :)