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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's been a taxing day. Raul and Lisa just couldn't agree with each other. Worse of all, they wanted to have their own ways. Most of the time it ended up with them biting and beating each other, and one or both of them cried for attention. I used to remember when Raul learnt his first few words, I got very excited and I encouraged him to speak more. In no time, he speaks so fast and too much sometimes I wonder will he ever stop? Now his sister followed his steps by learning to talk at an early age. I'm amazed with their wide variety of vocabulary and sentences.

However, the minus side is they talk too much each day now they answer you everytime. Sometimes they talk nonstop I couldn't concentrate anymore. They ask too many questions and they demand too many things. Gosh, I wonder when they are going to be amicable and understanding and maybe more patient?

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