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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm glad that the holiday is here even just for a week. Happy that hubby is reunited again with us. Kids are really happy to be around him. For me, I'm sure you can understand my feelings. With 3 kids to handle, i'm really glad to have a helping hand. Now i can relax as hubby takes over the routine of giving bath to my two toddlers, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for them, and he even washes them when they poo and pee. :-) I'm so lucky to have a hubby like him.

In addition, now I have a driver to take us anywhere too. It so happened that my licence expires on the 21st, the day when i fetched him from the station. So, i can postpone the renewal process for another week. haha...i'm not going to drive in this holiday. I feel truly blessed with these simple things in life. We may not be wealthy, but we're happy (although we still wish that we have enough money to spare). :-) Thank you God. Thank you hubby.


  1. Thtz great tiee! I'm happy for u :)

  2. Hey Tiee, you must be rich, got driver ma? but i am glad that you have a wonderful family, that's really really heart warming,,,,,,

    take care now tiee, and wishing you a great week ahead.

  3. thanks fil.

    eugene: haha...i'm rich for the moment. Maybe u r right. i'm rich for having my family with me.

  4. betty,i do understand ur feeling..the same goes with me too.
    My hubby is just like urs. he would do lot of things if he is around..geez..miss him a lot!
    and yes-we are not rich but we are happy and that is just enough!!

  5. got darling around, sure everything will be different.. =)

  6. i am here to say,,hey let me know if you do update ya?

    take care bye ........

  7. U r welcome. But I still wanna be rich! Just hope my Big Sweep lottery ticket wins this month!