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Monday, August 17, 2009

ramblings of a mum..

How kids grow up fast. I caught Raul told his two years old sister "How many times do I have to say this Lisa, share the toys. Dont play alone!"(in an stern voice). Well, i'm sure u can guess where he learnt that from. Then, in another situation, I heard Lisa told Raul to "flush the toilet Raul. Wash your hands!" Hmmm...And they played and chatted to each other for hours! Nonstop! Not a moment of silence. I'm not sure, are they born to be talkative? Or we (the parents) make them into talking machines. Dont get me wrong. Of course I love it. But there are times when you just cant take their annoying questions and comments! Well, maybe cos i dont have the answers to all their questions or too moody to think of an answer. Just a while ago Lisa asked me "Mum, can i have a Ezra please?" Well, i told her not to pinch Ezra's earlobes. She likes to do that!

I do provide them with an answer or comment most of the time. At other times, I would ask them to tell me the answers cos they ask something that they already know! haha..

Raul likes to ask me the meaning of each new word he picks up from the cartoon. He would also ask me to spell the word. I'm not a perfect mother. I dont force my kids to learn the alphabets or numbers but i will tell them the letters and numerical symbols whenever we come across them on the tv, magazines, car plate numbers, things around the home etc. It seems that they learn better that way. They can associate the alphabets and the words with the things around them. Very unsystematic but very practical. That must be why my kids are so curious on every thing they see and hear. cos we are like that too. Whenever we see anything we will ask them or describe to them abt it. children like parents.

Ok, this is out of the topic. I read and watched abt Shah Rukh Khan being detained for abt 2 hours in Newark airport because of his name 'Khan'. Hmm...dont laugh at me but i'm his fan. Pity him. haha...NO, i dont cry or angry abt it. Just shocked. So, i'm looking forward to his new movie "My name is Khan" then. What a coincidence?! Sure they dont do this for publicity? Well, anyway, i still like him. Ok, now u can laugh at me.


  1. this is called leadership by example.. :) what we do, kids do follow... so hope we adults give the right way for them to imitate us.. hahaa... i m sure yr kids will turn out great..

    why did they detain shah rukh khan? i m not his fan but i did watch a few of his movies before.. best one is kush kush ko tai hi? not sure of spelling.. :)

  2. Betty, kau punya si Lisa an macam sia punya Nia, SUKA main telinga. Macam mau putus suda sia punya telinga sama si Garth puny telinga dia picit-picit! Si Ezra sihat suda ka?

  3. shah rukh khan..hahaha..i still remember my late grandma used to say that hidung si shah rukh tu macam patuk ayam..hahaha...potong stim betul nenek aku tu..

  4. Ok, first of all(sound so formal kan?)i like the name Raul,sounds very glamor lah,,,, secondly children are children, with a lot of love dan tata-tertib,i think our children will be fine seriously.

    let them have thier childhood, and let us enjoy their childhood,,, kan ini so sweet,

    take care now my friend

  5. haha...claire, it's kuch kuch hota hai. they detained him for questioning because of his name Khan which the US fears could be linked to terrorist..:-)

    fely: ya ba c lisa tu slalu buat ezra nangis..dia gerigitan baitu tingu baby kali..ezra masi lagi batuk..tapi aktif.

    doria: btl juga cakap grandma ko tu. mmg hidung shah rukh tu lain dari yg lain...hehe..

    eugene: thanks. very sweet indeed.

  6. I agree with Shah Rukh (OooO so intimate!) that he would go to the States less. Actually, I like the States if it weren't for the people :P
    At least Raul and Lisa talk to each other. Ryan talks to me all the time asking asking asking questions. Hehehe actually I don't mind that much. Soon he'll outgrow me and go dating...

  7. Hoping to see Raul, Lisa & Ezra on the 21st!

  8. yay..daddy is coming home soon!!
    U go Betty!