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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not a very healthy week.

Been very busy lately. My baby, Ezra is down with a terrible flu this time. Very demanding. So, I cant think of anything to blog about today. My lower back is aching since last wednesday. Until today. huh...I'm really worried. It hurts even when i press the clutch to change gear while driving to school. I told my coach (the gym instructor) about it. I'd skipped gym for two days.

When I'm back at the gym, he instructed me to do 6 sets of exercise to strengten the lower back's muscle. He told me that most probably, all this while we have been concentrating on the other parts of the body that we neglect the lower back area. According to him it is a very sensitive area. If it hurts, other organs and muscles will not be able to function properly. So, more exercises for the lower back now.


  1. Take care both of you. Love you guys!

  2. hi.. thanks for dropping by and comment.. ^_^

    u take care and how is your baby now? everything ok now?

  3. baby is slowly recovering. still taking his medication. thanks dolly.